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  2. What do you do when a Nexus 5000 switch displays the "FWM-2-STM_LOOP_DETECT" message in the log?
  3. Spanning Tree interaction
  4. Mac-move/flap detection - Alcatel Unleashed

This example shows how to configure port-down as the action for MAC move loop detection. This example shows how to enable the err-disabled detection for the edge-port on the MAC move loop. The seconds range is from 0 to The default is Entering the value 0 disables the MAC. If a VLAN is not specified, the aging specification.


Enables the err-disabled detection for the edge-port. Table of Contents. Cisco Nexus Installation Manual 86 pages. Cisco Nexus Series Reference Manual 12 pages.

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Nx-os unicast routing configuration guide, nx-os release 5. Nx-os layer 2 switching configuration guide, release 6.

What do you do when a Nexus 5000 switch displays the "FWM-2-STM_LOOP_DETECT" message in the log?

Nx-os quality of service configuration guide pages. Cisco Catalyst XR. Conditions: There are some IGMP snooping related commands for a vlan but the vlan itself is not present in the running config. When such configs are present, it is possible that IGMP may pack updates for such vlans along with explicitly created vlans to m2rib module for hardware programming. But that message might be rejected by m2rib due to some vlans not explicitly created. If the update contained snooping status info, then, we will end up with snooping status unchanged in the hardware. Workaround: Deleting all unnecessary configs and restarting igmp will fix the problem.

Conditions: vlan need to be private vlan and configure it as fabric-control and then again remove fabric-control. Symptom: User doesn't get router prompt back after attempting an admin-vdc migration with a Nexus router Conditions: Occurs when banner motd is in configuration Workaround: Remove banner motd line from configuration. Symptom: Core detected due to hwclock crash on standby sup. Conditions: None Workaround s : No impact reported. OMF entries per buffer: Max.

OMF route entries per buffer: 50 Max.

ID This could increase the bandwidth utilizaiton on the link. This bug applies to 6. Workaround: downgrade to 6. Symptom: In certain rare situations, L2 forwarding table mac address might become inconsistent between linecards on Nexus This leads to blackholing of traffic destined to the affected mac address. Conditions: Problem was encountered following a mac-flap event external trigger. Workaround: Clearing the affected mac address from the L2 table will restore connectivity address will be learned on the correct interface. Once all the Groups in a Vlan are cleaned up , we will go ahead and clean up the Vlan entry in our sw db.

To be able to do so in a correct manner we keep count of number of G entries per Vlan per ftag and number of S entries per G etc. Conditions: IP multicast packet Further Problem Description: This traffic should be dropped in hardware by the parser as it violates packet format standards. This traffic should not be sent to the control plane for processing. The vulnerability is due to an error in processing a malformed LLDP packet. Other ports on the switch are not affected. Conditions: LLDP is enabled on the interface on which the malformed packet is received. Conditions: Workaround: Further Problem Description:.

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Symptom: All linecards fail to sync to a single fabric module, causes the modules to be reset, instead of the fabric module being powered down. Conditions: As above. Symptom: SSH connections initiated form the device fails with the below syslog switch ssh admin Fixed the issue by setting the FIPS mode flag for ctr ciphers. On Nexus this problem can manifest itself also in the following way: can not attach to rise nam from sup N7K-6 attach rise slot Attaching to RISE Symptom: The "snmpd" process may crash continuously leading to a supervisor HAP reset.

MAC Address Table - Part 1 Basics

Re Initialization of transceiver happens only when - - The transceiver is being reseated - The linecard in which the transceiver is seated is reseated or reloaded - The switch itself is being reloaded Workaround: Block ciscoEntitySensorMIB from being polled. This can be done by creating a new role, as follows: config role name skipEntSensor config-role rule 1 permit read config-role rule 2 deny read oid 1. All community strings configured on the switch will need the role group skipEntSensor applied to include public, private, etc. This problem is seen only on 6. Conditions: This issue occurs when the fib capacity is near the upper advertised limit of the F2 module, even if only for a brief period of time Workaround: To prevent the issue it is required to reduce the fib size.

The only way to recover is to reload the module affected. Symptom: Any port which is not in mode trunk should not have config for trunk allowed vlan's under it. For exmaple int po10 switchport switchport mode fabricpath switchport trunk allowed vlan no shutdown Conditions: Only happens when "switchport trunk allowed vlan " is done after the mode is changed to no trunk mode.

Symptom: Targeted ldp session is up when the primary tunnel is up, but goes down when frr goes active. The module will reboot. Eventually, after three occurrences of running out of memory and then rebooting, the module will remain powered off. A log message similar to the following will be generated: Jan 1 Symptom: Memory leak. Conditions: The condition can trigger if huge number of Vlans along with name are created without range command.

Basically using script or copying some thing from note pad to Nexus in config mode. For Example. Config t vlan Make sure L2 Vlans are created. After that one can cut and paste Vlan name config from txt file.

Spanning Tree interaction

Symptom: MRIB routes seem to be in pending state. Workaround: The workaround for this issue is "restart pim" command itself. It is possible that under various scenarios, this workaround might have to be done multiple times. Conditions: A reload on either Nexus or Nexus may cause that to happen, or interface flaps over fabric control-segment may also cause it. The Nexus switch must be running 6. Now do a "no vrf context xxx" or shut down the VRF and then the problem will happen. Symptom: ifmgr crashes after reload and issuing "copy r s" Conditions: reload switch with titanium images, and then issue "copy r s" Workaround: no.

The second configuration fails. Workaround: no. Symptom: Conditions: Workaround: Since there is an additional 12 bytes of recirc-header added to Ethernet header, the capture-filter is failing for packets coming from F1,F2 and F2E cards.

Mac-move/flap detection - Alcatel Unleashed

The common workaround will be using display-filters. The display-filter syntax can be obtained from wireshark's website. Commands hang for 30 seconds and come out without any output. Retrying command after some time provides the output properly. Workaround: Retry command after some time. The ping packets are getting dropped at the tunnel destination. Problem is only there for tunnel interface which needs a decap at the tunnel end. Multicast ping over non-tunnel interface will not have this problem.

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Workaround: No workaround Further Problem Description:. Symptom: Timer events are triggered twice - once for active and standby Conditions: Timer events are triggered twice - once for active and standby Workaround: Dont use timer ed. Conditions: The following actions may trigger the issue: - Deleting one or more VLANs - Shutting down an interface There may be other as-yet-unknown conditions.

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  4. Workaround: No workaround. For example, this was seen on a customer device after an ISSU from 6. Conditions: This scenario will be hit when the box is reloaded with the startup config and when host move is done. Conditions: nq-7e policy is configured on a system that was previously configured with 8e policy.