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  1. Change the language Office uses in its menus and proofing tools
  2. Typing Arabic on Mac - Katib for Mac
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  4. Changing right-to-left to left-to-right formatting

I went to system preferences and added Spanish as a second language but that didn't seem to work. This works great for me, as I write documents in German, English and Dutch at the same moment. I don't have to adjust every document then :.

Change the language Office uses in its menus and proofing tools

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Typing Arabic on Mac - Katib for Mac

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Word 2016 Mac language issue

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Changing right-to-left to left-to-right formatting To do this, we will add two buttons to our Quick Toolbar. Under "Choose commands from:" select "All Commands. Click "OK" to close the window. You should now have two new buttons in the Quick Access toolbar at the top left of your screen: the Left-to-Right Text Direction button, which looks like an arrow and a paragraph symbol, and the Ltr Run button, which looks like an open, gray, or green circle depending on your version of Word.

Changing right-to-left to left-to-right formatting

Select the text that needs to be fixed, or select all text in the document by pressing Ctrl-A. Setting comments to default to left-to-right text If you are providing feedback on this document, you will likely need to add comments to the document. If there are no comments, write one and fix it using the directions above.

In a properly formatted comment, click somewhere in the comment text that doesn't have any special formatting no italic, bold, superscript, etc. Change "Select styles to show:" to "All styles.

Hover your mouse over "Comment Text" and click the drop-down arrow that appears.